Welcome to CrossFit Cheyenne!

About CrossFit Cheyenne


CrossFit Cheyenne is run by a team of extremely passionate Trainers who care about helping you achieve your fitness goals. When you walk through our doors you have stepped into an environment where we all share the same common goal, to improve our quality of life through fitness. As part of CrossFit Cheyenne, you’ll be guided, motivated, and coached every step of the way which allows you to effectively train within the gym so you can live a better, healthier and longer life outside of it.

What You Can Expect

  • A positive fitness environment
  • All fitness levels are welcomed
  • To be coached to go beyond your comfort zone
  • Eager, knowledgeable and motivated Trainers
  • Safety as a #1 priority
  • A family friendly environment

How To Get Started


Getting started is easy! Experience CrossFit Cheyenne during your free trial class. Check out our class times – we offer early morning, lunch and evening classes to fit just about any schedule. Decide on the best membership option that fits your lifestyle then contact us to get on your way to a stronger, healthier, happier you!

What People Are Saying:

I personally lead dozens of CrossFit classes each week in Laramie, Wyoming and as a result rarely have a moment to visit other boxes. Today I was fortunate enough to visit CrossFit Cheyenne. CFC is a close-knit community led by trainers who believe in their clients well-being and that includes drop-ins and newbies. They facilitate a well-thought, well-executed version of CrossFit I would recommend to anyone enthusiastic about seeking their own potential and actively participating in an open-minded, loving community. – Evan Levi

“Very clean and welcoming gym!! As a drop-in, I felt included right away and was encouraged by the trainer and fellow athletes. I will definitely be back next time I’m in Cheyenne!” – Danielle Harnish

“Back at it and no judgement ever, they are there to help you make you a better you! So supportive!”
– Carrie Barker

Where To Find Us