December 5, 2017

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REMINDER…If you are participating in the “Adopt A Child” this Christmas, please have all gifts wrapped and delivered to the gym by Friday, December 8th. Thank you again!

For Time:
50 Deadlift (135/95)
40 Push Jerk
30 Front Squat
20 Power Snatch
10 OHS

Goal: Sub 15 min

All barbell here.  These workouts are either straight up wheelhouse or definitely not.  Regardless your sets should allow you to keep moving and not go past that threshold of intensity that will have you wiped out.  The movements generally go from less complex to more complex so having something in the tank for the snatch is a good idea.  Big sets on the first 3 movements while smaller sets or singles with the power snatch are a good approach.  Scale the loading if needed in order to meet the time goal.

Post Work

Easy Row/Ride 3 min

2 Rounds Not for time:
10 lateral rasie
10 45 degree raise
10 front raise


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