January 10, 2018

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Front Squat

Heavy day today. Goal should be to not fail on any set but if you feel good today and want to go for it with a new 1 RM go for it.

Post Work
Today we start a 9-week MU program. This is a pull and push focused program to develop the strength required to perform a muscle-up while also reinforcing and developing proper technique. This program will also help develop the strength for pull-ups.

Day 1, Week 1

  1. Advanced: 3×10 Strict chin-up
  2. Intermediate: 3×10 Banded chin-up
  3. Beginner: 3×10 Jumping eccentric chin-up (break into as few sets as possible).
  1. Adv/Intermediate: 3×12 Strict push-up
  2. Beginner: Push-up from knees
  1. All Levels: 3×5 low ring transition while maintaining a false grip and feet under rings

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